Updates from around the world about what’s happening this World MS Day.

7th June 2018

Discover the highlights from World MS Day 2018: Bringing Us Closer.

16th May 2018

Every year, the global MS community shows huge creativity and energy in hosting a wide range of World MS Day…

9th January 2018

New Year, new World MS Day campaign…welcome to #bringinguscloser!

Bringing us closer blog
12th June 2017

Find out how some of the world’s MS organisations used this year’s World MS Day to campaign for positive changes…

9th June 2017

Take a look through some photos from events around the world for World MS Day 2017!

29th April 2016

Whether you want to spend the 25th of May having fun, chatting with other people affected by MS or raising…

21st July 2015

This year more than 320 World MS Day events took place in 88 countries around the world.

A group of people post for a photo. It's a sunny day and everyone is smiling and giving a thumbs up. One man is in a wheelchair and two people crouch down beside him.
20th May 2015

Despite difficult situations, a number of MS organisations in countries experiencing war, political unrest and disasters are still planning World…

12th May 2015

The World MS Day map is filling up with events happening all round the world.

21st July 2014

Do you want to know what the Japanese MS Society did on World MS Day 2014?

A group of volunteers from the Japan MS Society
17th July 2014

The Greek MS Society knows how to celebrate World MS Day! On 2014 they organised a whole day festival and…

17th July 2014

Read the great activities and events that the Argentinean MS Society planned for World MS Day 2014.

17th July 2014

5 different Irish cities, 5 different but amazing activities. Do you want to know what MS Ireland cooked up on…

4th July 2014

The Kuwait MS Association celebrated World MS Day on May 17. They organised  lectures about MS and distributed  brochures to…

22nd January 2014

The video ‘Beautiful Day’, set to the U2 song of that name, was launched on the first World MS Day,…

10th July 2013

MS Society Malaysia held a public forum at the International Medical University in Kuala Lumpur on 29 June to mark…

10th July 2013

The Luxembourg MS League team joined the ING marathon in Luxembourg to mark World MS Day this year. As in…

10th July 2013

The Moroccan Association for People Affected by MS (AMMASEP) hosted a scientific conference at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of…