12th May 2015

Events around the world

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The World MS Day map is filling up with events. Some organisations don’t have their own website or Facebook page where they can tell you about their plans so they’ve asked us to list them here instead.

The Lithuanian MS Union will celebrate their 15 year Anniversary and World MS Day on the 5th of June in the Belmondo park, Vilnius with an event called ‘Life through pink glasses.’ They will gather with pink glasses and white balloons. At the end of performance they will hitch glasses to the balloons and launch them into the air.

European MS Platform
The European MS Platform (EMSP), together with MEP Ádám Kósa, Co-Chair of the Disability Intergroup in the European Parliament, is launching the Call to Action on Access to Employment for People with Multiple Sclerosis. Although all European countries have protective social legislation, in practice people with multiple sclerosis are often disregarded on the current job market, experiencing inequality and lack of opportunities.
The European Employment Pact for People with MS will break down barriers that people with multiple sclerosis face in the workplace and address the lack of access to employment.

EMSP calls on all members of the Parliament, as well as private stakeholders and advocacy organisations to endorse the Pact and support its recommendations. The event will be held in the European Parliament on May 26.

The MS support group of Nassau Bahamas will be attending church together and welcome anyone affected by MS to join them. They will meet at on May 24th at the Church of God of Prophecy, East street. Services begin at 11 a.m.

In Montabaur, Germany there will be a talk entitled ‘Help with neurogenic bladder and intestinal disorders.’ The speaker is Uwe Papenkordt who is a urological therapist.

The talk is on the 19th of May, at 7pm at 56410 Montabaur, Brüderkrankenhaus, Koblenzer Str. 11-13, Raum „Johannes von Gott“ (Mehrzweckraum UG)


In Tetouan city Morocco NORD MASEP will be distributing flyers in the streets, there will be signs and banners placed in different places in the city. They are also organizing a lecture and tea party for people with MS and their relatives on 27 May.
Arabic address:
غرفة التجارة و الصناعة لولاية تطوان حي المطار

شارع 9 أبريل تطوان


The Iran MS Society is holding a food festival from the 19th to the 22nd of May for World MS Day. It will take place in Goft e Goo Garden Park, chamran highway,Tehran, Iran.


A group of people affected by MS are holding a World MS Day celebration event on May 24th in Nairobi. Their goal is to raise awareness of MS in Kenya and across East Africa.


There will be a bake sale on the 27th of May (World MS Day) at 12 noon at the Case is Altered pub in Ipswich.


The Montenegro MS Association will holding a day talking about how to live and cope with MS. They will also be screening the new documentary film Get Bolt. It will take place at the Hotel Podgorica from 11am.


The Toowoomba and District MS Support Group is having an MS Awareness Stall and Cake Stall at Bunnings in Toowoomba on the 31st May between 8am at 12 noon.

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