7th June 2018

Highlights: World MS Day 2018

Year Highlights 2018 Bringing Us Closer

We did it, everyone!

World MS Day 2018 was incredible. Thank you for getting involved and making this year’s campaign such a huge success.

Whether you organised or attended an event, posted about World MS Day on social media or helped to raise awareness in other ways, these global efforts are what World MS Day is all about.

This year, more than 400 events in 77 countries were held – and that’s only counting the events on the World MS Day map! Amazing activities took place all over the globe, showing how international, engaged and creative the global MS community really is.

Read on to discover the highlights from World MS Day 2018. You can view a collection of photos from across the globe in the World MS Day Facebook album.

Shaping the future

World MS Day provides huge momentum for MS organisations to achieve positive changes to policies, practices and attitudes towards people affected by MS.

Here are just a few examples of how MS organisations used this year’s campaign to achieve ambitious advocacy goals.


This World MS Day, the Association for the Fight against Multiple Sclerosis (APEMED) celebrated a huge step towards implementing legislation that will give all people with MS nationwide access to treatment, including full medical cover for diagnosis, treatment and support.

This legislation was first approved on World MS Day 2017. One year on, the government has now announced details of the committee that will carry out the formalities to make this groundbreaking legislation a reality.


MS Australia proudly announced the Government’s commitment of to work with MS Australia and MS Research Australia over the next six months to develop a 10-year plan for a pioneering new project: the ‘Roadmap to Defeat MS in Australia’. The project also received bi-partisan support from the Shadow Minister for Health, the Hon Catherine King MP.


Over in Portugal, a parliamentary group took World MS Day as an opportunity to present a draft resolution to the government to create a national MS registry – a fantastic result for the Portuguese MS Society and people with MS nationwide.


Staff and volunteers at the MS Society of Canada pinned down decision makers to show their support for World MS Day at a special pinning ceremony with members of parliament. 


In the social media sphere, the French Ministry of Health showed its support for the vital work of France’s dedicated MS organisations on World MS Day, raising valuable awareness by creating and sharing infographics about MS.


The MS Society of India (MSSI) gained crucial support from high-level decision makers for positive changes for people with MS.

At MSSI’s World MS Day conference, Mr K. Vikram Simha Rao, Director of the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment), announced that the department has extended its proposal to include MS in the Ayushman Bharat – a National Health Protection Scheme.

He also declared that the government is planning to introduce a centralised data management system to better understand the prevalence of MS and other disabilities and improve the facilities and support available to those affected.


Chile also enjoyed social media support from its national Ministry of Health, which made use of the #bringinguscloser tools to raise public awareness of the signs and symptoms of MS.

Giving a voice


HANA Multiple Sclerosis Patients Association offered valuable insights into MS to members of the public at its awareness-raising event.


The Japan MS Society mobilised a team of volunteers, including schoolchildren, to distribute MS information leaflets.


Neuro Sweden captivated audiences by using VR technology to show the impact of MS symptoms on everyday life. 

Lighting the world

This year, landmarks across Latin America and other parts of the world were lit up for World MS Day, continuing what is fast becoming a beautiful World MS Day tradition.

Stunning photos came from countries like Mexico and Chile, where buildings basked in the orange glow. In Europe, meanwhile, the Greek MS Society illuminated towers and turrets to raise awareness.

What a visual and impactful way to mark World MS Day!

Bringing us closer


The MS Association of Kenya brought together people affected by MS with MS specialists to discuss MS research and ways to improve quality of life with MS.

South Africa

MS South Africa laid on a delicious luncheon that featured engaging presentations and discussions about MS.


The Society of Lebanese Friends of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis (ALSEP) made great use of the #bringinguscloser message for its all-singing, all-dancing World MS Day celebration, entitled: ‘you are what’s bringing us closer’.

Ireland and US

MS Ireland and the National MS Society (US) are among several MS organisations that engaged a global online audience this World MS Day. The team in Ireland live streamed a fascinating research event, whilst the National MS Society (US) live streamed an interview with MS researcher Dr Haley Titus.

Testing your limits


MS Care Egypt shared incredible photos and footage from its ‘Pyramids Run’ – have you seen them? Set against the majestic pyramids, this 4K challenge was surely an incredible experience for the runners. Click here to see the awesome footage!


The MS Association of Slovenia organised a 1.5km walk/drive through the forests of Ljubljana for 130 people with MS. Participants were accompanied by families, friends and several VIPs.


The MS Society of Malaysia rallied members of its community to get active with a solidarity walk, bringing people together to share a message of hope.


The Queensland chapter of MS Australia organised an invigorating swim and ‘Tough Mudder’ challenge for those looking to test their limits.

Making headlines


The president of Multiple Sclerosis Uruguay, Susana Carballido, appeared on national television.


The MS Society of India achieved huge success in securing coverage in Times Now India, which published a special feature on MS for World MS Day, reaching millions of its readers.


The Belgian MS Society was proud to see a World MS Day feature on national radio. 


TV news reporter Tássia Sena paid a visit to the Brazilian MS Association on World MS Day for a special feature that shined a light on the organisation and raised awareness of MS.


The Times of Malta shared three moving, personal stories from people with MS to mark the day. 


The MS Research Support Foundation (ARSEP) were proud to feature in a variety of media outlets on World MS Day, including the internationally recognised Huffington Post.


Dr. Serkan Demir, an esteemed board member of the MS Association of Turkey, gave a special interview on CNN TÜRK. 

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