Take Action

There are lots of ways you can take part in the My MS Diagnosis campaign. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Organise an activity this World MS Day. From flashmobs and fundraisers to conferences and workshops – don’t be afraid to get creative and make some noise! You can visit the World MS Day map to see the global MS community in action and share your activities with the world.

Advocate for change

World MS Day is a platform to engage decision makers and make things better for people living with MS. Think about the changes you want to see and how you can influence leaders in your government and community. You can use data from the Atlas of MS to highlight barriers that prevent early and accurate MS diagnosis. Visit the MSIF website for information on how we can improve MS diagnosis.

Join the conversation

Create a buzz with the free toolkit of resources on the World MS Day website. Share graphics, posters, animation and more to get people talking about the campaign. Use the hashtags #MyMSDiagnosis and #WorldMSDay hashtags when posting on social media. If you are living with MS, you can help raise awareness by sharing your diagnosis story on the World MS Day map.

MS Heart Challenge

The MS Heart is a symbol of solidarity with everyone affected by MS inspired by a sign language symbol for the word ‘together’. This year we are running the MS Heart Challenge where you can show support by sharing a MS Heart somewhere special. This could be next to a national landmark, a favourite local spot or a significant event. The best submissions will receive a World MS Day Certificate. You can learn upload your MS Heart photos on the World MS Day map.

Make headlines

Get World MS Day covered in the news. Raise awareness, share real stories, and highlight the key issues around MS diagnosis. You could write an article, post a blog, contact local journalists, or even run a press conference. You can share any press success on the World MS Day map.

Light Up the World

Light up iconic landmarks, and buildings on World MS Day as a statement of hope in your city. Unite with countries across the world as we illuminate skylines together for MS.