Updates from around the world about what’s happening this World MS Day.

17th June 2019

World MS Day 2019 was fantastic. We put MS in the spotlight and spoke loud and clear about the unseen…

5th June 2019

The ‘What I want you to know about MS’ graphic is an important feature of this year’s campaign toolkit.

5th June 2019

People across the world have been sharing their ‘My Invisible MS’ stories. Watch these personal interviews to get a deeper…

My invisible MS story Daan
31st May 2019

Since 2009, you have helped us bring the world together for people with MS. Help us end MS across the…

29th May 2019

This World MS Day, MS organisations have around the world have risen to the challenge of shining a spotlight on…

29th May 2019

The global MSIF movement has gone full steam ahead in using the #MyInvisibleMS toolkit, adapting the materials and sharing them…

21st May 2019

We asked people from around the world to tell us about their invisible symptoms. In this video Giulia, Diego, Michela,…

Use this video to help spread the word about the #MyInvisibleMS campaign!
30th October 2018

World MS Day 2019 will take place on 30th May. The 2019 campaign will be called ‘My Invisible MS’ (#MyInvisibleMS)…

20th June 2018

Tell us what you thought of World MS Day 2018 by filling in our Evaluation Survey and help shape the…

7th June 2018

Discover the highlights from World MS Day 2018: Bringing Us Closer.

22nd May 2018

MS registries put people living with MS at the heart of their own treatment and at the centre of MS…

21st May 2018

Exploring the vital role of brain banks across the globe in progressing research into MS and other neurological diseases.

21st May 2018

Watch these inspiring videos from some of the incredible people bringing us closer to ending MS.

16th May 2018

Every year, the global MS community shows huge creativity and energy in hosting a wide range of World MS Day…

15th May 2018

Discover how people involved in MS research are working together all over the world to improve MS research and treatment.

27th April 2018

How do we celebrate achievement and innovation in MS research?

26th April 2018

Celebrating how the first international collaboration on progressive MS is bringing us closer to ending progressive MS.

6th April 2018

Check out these suggestions from MS organisations around the world for involving MS researchers in your World MS Day activities.