Winners of the MS Heart Challenge

The MS Heart is a symbol of solidarity for everyone affected by MS. This year we ran the MS Heart Challenge, inviting World MS Day supporters to share photos of MS hearts somewhere special. This could be next to a national landmark, a favourite local spot or a significant event.

The global MS community took on the challenge, sending incredible photos from iconic locations like the Lotus Temple in New Delhi and Niagara Falls in the US. There were more snaps from favourite escapes, exercise classes and MS events. It was an amazing show of solidarity, with hearts shared from 42 countries on the World MS Day map.  Here are the winning entries:

The MS Society of India

The MS Society of India (MSSI) took the MS Heart Challenge to another level. MSSI rallied members and supporters to send MS Heart photos from across India and beyond. Here are just a few beautiful shots sent from the Lotus Temple in New Delhi, the Charminar in Hyderabad, Mahalakshmi Temple in Kolhapur and Chicago.

Community Organization of MS and Cancer from Puerto Rico

This member of the Community Organization of MS and Cancer (COMSC) in Puerto Rico visited Niagara Falls in the US, wearing orange to raise awareness and share a MS Heart.

The Japan MS Society

A group of MS Hearts next to a Mikoshi, a portable shrine used during Japanese festivals or 祭, ‘Matsuri’ in Tokyo. Thank you to the Japan MS Society!

The Yemeni Society for the Care of Multiple Sclerosis Patients

The Yemeni Society for the Care of Multiple Sclerosis Patients shared MS Hearts across Yemen – from it’s organisational headquarters to sunny views from home villages.

Maria from Brazil

Maria shared an MS Heart to the backdrop of a stunning country landscape at her local city in Extrema. She told us why she chose this special location.

‘I chose this wonderful place because it is in the city where I live, where Nature is very beautiful! We should celebrate each day as if it were the only one!’


Ismi from Indonesia

Ismi and her medical team sent this fantastic MS Heart photo from Ciawi Regional General Hospital in Indonesia. Shout out to all the MS healthcare workers out there!

Lise from Norway

Lise from Norway sent us an MS Heart from her favourite lighthouse close to Aalesund, famous for it’s beautiful scenery. Wow!

Diana from Mexico

Diana shared this photo from her local dance class, one of her favorite escapes.

‘Dance is my very loved place to find the strong version of myself. One of my important motivations.’


Patricia from Canada

An MS Heart action shot from Patricia and fellow cyclist at the MS Bike event in Fraser Valley, an awareness and fundraising initiative for MS Canada.

Cynthia from Panama

A wonderful photo from Cynthia and friends at a special Church in Santiago. Cynthia told us why this was her special location.

‘The Minor Basilica of Santiago Apóstol de Natá is the oldest in the American Pacific still in existence and has been declared a historical heritage. I feel a great joy, a lot of peace, love and hope when I visit her. I feel closer to God and my family so that together we can continue fighting for our dreams.’


Multiple sclérose Lëtzebuerg, Luxembourg

This is a photo of an MS Heart being shared at Steampunk festival in Dudelange, a sci-fi event that helped to raise money for MS. Thank you Multiple sclérose Lëtzebuerg!

Clive, and Linda from Scotland

Clive and Linda shared MS Hearts to celebrate a special place in their local community – Carers Cafe at St Andrews Hospice. The cafe is open every week to give caregivers a space to meet and support each other.

Paula from Australia

We love these MS Hearts from Paula and her physiologist, highlighting the importance of rehabilitation services for MS.

This is the place where I do my recovery with my exercise physiologist, who supports and helps me keep my strength, fitness and energy levels to get me trough week by week


Śląskie Stowarzyszenie Chorych na SM in Poland

Śląskie Stowarzyszenie Chorych na SM sent us a video featuring a community circle of MS Hearts at their education and dance event for MS. You can watch the full video on the World MS Day map!

Seann from the United Arab Emirates

Seann sent an MS Heart from this Abu Dhabi theme park in support of her boss who lives with MS. 💚

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