1st May 2024

Watch the My MS Diagnosis animation

My MS Diagnosis Campaign

The My MS Diagnosis animation is all about navigating an MS diagnosis. It explores the challenges people face in search of answers, and why the right diagnosis matters so much. The animation features the real voices of people living with MS across the globe. Listen to Jonathan, Rayan, Leonardo, Kanya and Jessica share their diagnosis stories.

This animation was made by the MS International Federation and its members. Special thanks to the following MS Organisations for nominating the story participants: The National MS Society in the United States, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society UAE, the Asociación de Lucha Contra la Esclerosis Múltiple in Argentina, the Indonesian Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and Multiple Sclerosis South Africa.

Illustration & animation: Alissa Thaler https://alissathaler.com/

Mixing and mastering: Old Cottage Audio https://oldcottageaudio.co.uk/

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