7th November 2023

New World MS Day campaign on diagnosis

My MS Diagnosis Campaign

The new theme for World MS Day 2024-2025 will be Diagnosis. The name of the campaign will be My MS Diagnosis and the tagline: Navigating MS together.

The campaign will advocate for early and accurate diagnosis for everyone living with MS. We will highlight global barriers to diagnosing MS, raising awareness by sharing real stories and data. We will campaign for better MS training for health care professionals, new research, and clinical advancements in MS diagnosis. Together we will work to build informed, caring communities and systems that support people diagnosed with MS.  

My MS Diagnosis is a flexible, wide-ranging campaign. Supporters can choose to focus on a variety of angles when taking part in World MS Day. The following campaign angles may align with your own goals and interests, or highlight particular areas of work within your organisation.

Campaign angles

  • Lobbying decision makers to improve early and accurate diagnosis for everyone living with MS
  • Highlighting global and national barriers to accessing an MS diagnosis
  • Building informed, caring communities and systems that support people diagnosed with MS
  • Raising awareness and building solidarity by sharing experiences of an MS diagnosis
  • Advocating for better MS training and awareness amongst healthcare professionals
  • Supporting new research and clinical advancements in MS diagnosis

World MS Day takes place every year on 30 May, with activities from April until June. In the run-up to World MS Day 2024 we will be releasing a brand-new campaign toolkit and video. You can subscribe to the World MS Day newsletter and follow us on social media (@WorldMSDay) for the latest campaign updates.

World MS Day is coordinated by the MS International Federation (MSIF) and its members. The My MS Diagnosis campaign is being developed by MSIF and a working group of global representatives from different national MS organisations.

Stay tuned and join us on 30 May in global solidarity with everyone affected by MS.

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