Updates from around the world about what’s happening this World MS Day.

16th May 2018

Every year, the global MS community shows huge creativity and energy in hosting a wide range of World MS Day…

15th May 2018

Discover how people involved in MS research are working together all over the world to improve MS research and treatment.

27th April 2018

How do we celebrate achievement and innovation in MS research?

26th April 2018

Celebrating how the first international collaboration on progressive MS is bringing us closer to ending progressive MS.

6th April 2018

Check out these suggestions from MS organisations around the world for involving MS researchers in your World MS Day activities.

9th January 2018

New Year, new World MS Day campaign…welcome to #bringinguscloser!

Bringing us closer blog
11th October 2017

La Journée mondiale de la SEP 2018 se tiendra le 30 mai. La campagne 2018 sera intitulée #bringinguscloser et le…

12th June 2017

Find out how some of the world’s MS organisations used this year’s World MS Day to campaign for positive changes…

9th June 2017

Take a look through some photos from events around the world for World MS Day 2017!

9th June 2017

Take a final look at some of the tips shared for this year’s #LifewithMS campaign!

31st May 2017

It’s World MS Day! Check out this week’s tips shared for #LifewithMS.

31st May 2017

World MS Day 2017 is here! Find out what people around the world are doing to mark the day.

24th May 2017

Find out what events have already been happening around the world for World MS Day!

24th May 2017

Take a look through this assortment of #LifewithMS tips shared so far for World MS Day! Do you have a…

17th May 2017

Take a look at seven of the tips shared so far on #LifewithMS for World MS Day. Don’t forget to…

13th April 2017

Wissam is a 34 year old woman living in Beirut. She was diagnosed with MS aged just 15. She now…

27th March 2017

Anne lives in Norway, she was a school teacher before having to retire because of MS.

27th March 2017

Mike is an English man living in Melbourne, Australia. He’s a Dad, a full time worker, and he has MS.