16th May 2022

MS Stories from around the world

2020-2023 MS Connections

This World MS Day we are raising awareness of MS and championing support networks. We asked people with MS to tell us about the challenges they face and those who support them. Read on for interviews from people with MS in Japan, New Zealand, the United States, Brazil and Greece.

‘I seem fine and energetic’

Keiko is a Japanese singer living with MS and raising awareness through song. Keiko finds it challenging to manage invisible symptoms at work when there is little awareness about MS in Japan. She is thankful to her husband Fumi, whose easy-going nature and bright smile keeps Keiko afloat. Keiko’s mantra for life with MS is ‘life without regret’.

‘A marvellous help to me’

Graham, from New Zealand, was a professional cyclist before he was diagnosed with primary progressive MS. Watch this video to hear how MS hasn’t stopped Graham from doing what he loves with the support of two special individuals.

‘Invisible to the eyes of the beholder’

Victoria was diagnosed with MS at 14. She knows how challenging it is to have symptoms others cannot see. Watch this video to hear more from Victoria, and find out who she is most thankful for.

‘Going was the best thing I ever did’

When Ana Valéria from Brazil was diagnosed with MS, she was nervous about going to her local MS organisation. Find out why going to the Associação Brasileira de Esclerose Múltipla (ABEM) took her by surprise.

The MS Connections campaign is all about building community connection. Shout out to all the MS organisations across the world, working tirelessly to improve the lives of people with MS.

‘Three people who are the most help with my MS’

Kostas from Greece knows first-hand that life with MS can be a challenge but he never gives up hope. He is thankful to his doctors, the Greek MS Society, and his wife for their support.

Have an MS story you want to share? You can share your experience on the World MS Day map.

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