Wissam’s tips for life with MS

Wissam is a 34 year old woman living in Beirut. She was diagnosed with MS aged just 15. She now has a Master’s degree in business administration and works part time.

Be adaptable

I’ve learned how to adapt. If I feel tired, I rest. If I feel sleepy, I sleep. If loud noise annoys me, I stay away from it. If light bothers me, I switch it off. If the mobile annoys me, I set it to silent.

Accept your MS

I’m not ashamed that I have MS. On the contrary, it has affected my life very positively. The job and certificates I have achieved today are all due to MS. Live your life and live like any normal person. Don’t let MS be an obstacle for you to learn, work, and build a family.

Tell your friends and family what you need

Your family and friends need to understand what MS is and how to help you to deal with it. For example, my friends know that I have to be in cool places. I can’t be in the heat and I don’t go out a lot in summer.

Don’t overthink things

My advice to young people who have MS is, don’t overthink things or go online to search. MS is just a guest that entered your life without permission. Don’t be afraid of what the future will bring, there are medical advances every year.

Stay positive and love yourself

Of course, there are times when I feel sad, but my 19-year journey with MS has made me a very positive person. The most important thing that I’ve learned is to love myself a lot.

Surround yourself with positive people

My positivity is reflected in my family and friends. I do not want anything to be negative in my life. I am grateful for the family I am surrounded with and for my friends who are positive just like me. We stand together and support each other through hard times.