9th June 2017

A round-up of #LifewithMS tips shared during the campaign

2017 Life with MS
This year’s #LifewithMS campaign, which encouraged people to share their tips for living well with MS, reached people in countries all over the world. 

It’s been so uplifting to see people everywhere sharing their advice to help others, covering physical health, mental health, relationships, social life, and more. 

Here’s a final look at some of the tips you shared for this year’s World MS Day!“Take your time, don’t get nervous, and you will succeed!” – Susana, Portugal“Always keep hope. Even in the darkest days, there will be hope for you” – Jette, Denmark“Don’t lose hope. Keep yourself healthy and fit. And remember, life is beautiful!” – Seema, India. Shared via YouTube by the MS Society of India (MSSI)“Taking care of my dog distracts me from my condition. They fill up your life and help to improve your health!” – Maria, Italy“Find your superhero pose!” – Florenta, Romania“Learn something new, do something new, and have something new” – Moira, Greece.

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