15th February 2017

Organising an event for World MS Day

2017 Life with MS
MS organisations across the globe are planning events for World MS Day. Why not plan something in your area? Don’t forget there’s a toolkit of materials to help you.

Get your friends together

A World MS Day event doesn’t have to be complicated, you could just meet your friends for a meal to mark the day.

Hit the streets

Hold a stall in a public place to educate people about MS. Make it fun by including games and music whilst sharing information!

Explain the symptoms of MS

Invisible symptoms are one of the biggest challenges for people living with MS, because other people just don’t understand what it feels like. Why not help people experience invisible symptoms for themselves.
Simulate some common symptoms by getting people to wear goggles which blur their vision, write their name whilst wearing thick gloves, or walk over an inflated airbed.


Ask an expert to give a talk on MS. It doesn’t have to be a neurologist. Physiotherapists, MS nurses and employment lawyers can all offer useful insight.

Light up a local landmark

Illuminating a local landmark in orange can be a great way to raise awareness.

Music and dancing

Ask local groups to perform at your event, or find someone to teach a session and have fun learning a new skill. Make sure it’s inclusive for everyone!

Campaign for change

Use the opportunity to speak to your representatives and campaign for positive changes for people with MS. You could collect signatures and present the petition on World MS Day – don’t forget to invite local media and take pictures!

Run an online session

Remember events can happen digitally too – webinars, Twitter chats and live streams can be a good way to reach people who can’t get out and about.World MS Day is flexible so do what works for you and your community, don’t forget to check out the toolkit and add your event to the map!

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