31st May 2017

#LifewithMS tips on World MS Day!

2017 Life with MS

Happy World MS Day!

It’s great to see so many tips shared for the #LifewithMS campaign – and they’re still flooding in from all over the world!

On this World MS Day, take a look at the latest tips people have shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Want to take part in World MS Day? Then share your tip on social media using the #LifewithMS hashtag! Whether it’s advice on managing fatigue or dealing with memory issues, your tip could make a big difference to someone else.

“I draw on the energy of people around me to give me strength” – @Gerontes, via Twitter
@DonnaGreeneAU, shared via Twitter“It’s important to be flexible in all areas of your life, including travel, work, shopping, and your social life. When you’re flexible, you’re not focusing on what you can’t do – instead, you’re being more creative by approaching things differently.” – Teisha, Australia. Shared via Facebook by MS Australia“It’s important to learn to ask for help – you’re not a burden. Keep changing, keep growing, and keep an open mind. Try not to doubt yourself, and just keep moving – no matter what.” – Tim, Australia. Shared via Facebook by MS Australia
Shared via Facebook on the World MS Day Facebook page“Don’t lose hope. Keep yourself healthy and fit. And remember, life is beautiful!” – Seema, India. Shared via YouTube by the MS Society of India (MSSI)“Keep believing, keep fighting, and keep smiling!” – Kartik, India. Shared via YouTube by the MS Society of India (MSSI)“Listen to your body and take naps. Remember to stay cool – there are lots of cooling devices you can buy. Also, try to write things down and use a calendar so that it’s easier to remember your plans.” – Connie, Australia. Shared via Facebook by MS Australia“Joining peer support groups – both online and face-to-face – has helped me to deal with the challenges of life with MS. You also need to have patience; it will take time to find the right medication.” – Sonia, Australia. Shared via Facebook by MS Australia

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