15th January 2015

World MS Day 2015

2015 Access
This year’s World MS Day is on Wednesday 27 May.

Living with MS involves all kinds of challenges. In the run up to World MS Day 2015, we want to celebrate the ways that people all over the world are breaking down the barriers to living with MS.

In 2015 we’ll be sharing all the ways that people around the world have improved access for people with MS. We’ll be asking people to tell us about the people and organisations that have broken down the barriers to living with MS and made a difference in their lives.

People can share a message with the person or organisation they want to celebrate on social media, by email or by post. Together we’ll generate thousands of messages that celebrate networks of support, share achievements, raise awareness and inspire action, breaking down even more barriers to living with MS.

There are lots of other ways you can get involved with this year’s World MS Day:

  • sign up for our free e-newsletter
  • follow us on Twitter
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  • organise an event and tell the world about it
  • use the World MS Day logo or other campaign materials on your website, car window, Twitter account or office noticeboard.

Our campaign theme for 2015 is access: access to diagnosis, treatment and support; access to buildings, travel and leisure facilities; and access to education, training and employment.

Coming soon

We’ll launch our online map of World MS Day events happening all over the world. Anyone will be able to add an event quickly and easily.

The campaign launches. You can start sharing the ways in which people or organisations have broken down the barriers to living with MS.

May – World MS Day
We’ll feature the #strongerthanMS messages on the World MS Day website and across social media on 27 May 2015.

Get in touch with the World MS Day team

Email us with your questions at [email protected]

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