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This week’s tips for #LifewithMS!

With less than one week to go until World MS Day, tips for #LifewithMS are spreading around the world on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

From videos to Tweets, here’s a collection of tips shared during the campaign so far.

There’s still time to share yours with the #LifewithMS hashtag!

“Taking care of my dog distracts me from my condition. They fill up your life and help to improve your health!” – Maria, Italy

“Find your superhero pose!” – Florenta, Romania

“Always, always try. You can do more than you think” – Carmen, Spain

“Take your time, don’t get nervous, and you will succeed!” – Susana, Portugal

“Always keep hope. Even in the darkest days, there will be hope for you” – Jette, Denmark

“Learn something new, do something new, and have something new” – Moira, Greece.

“Give yourself as much time as you need to digest the news. Over time, awareness of your condition allows you to face life from a new perspective.” – Floriana, Italy

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