27th April 2022

Using the Atlas of MS for World MS Day

2022 MS Connections

The Atlas of MS is the most comprehensive worldwide study of the epidemiology of MS, and the global availability and accessibility of resources for people with MS. In 2020 the Atlas of MS revealed that every five minutes someone, somewhere is diagnosed with MS. Last year in Denmark, this statistic sparked inspiration for an exciting World MS Day campaign at Scleroseforeningen (the Danish MS Society).

Scleroseforeningen calculated that someone diagnosed every five minutes was equal to 288 people across the world being diagnosed with MS each day. They went on to develop a creative fundraising campaign around the number 288. The campaign called on the MS community in Denmark to raise funds and awareness about MS by doing something 288 times. The flexibility got the MS communities creative juices flowing, allowing them to do anything 288 times – from baking 288 cookies to walking 288 meters. The campaign really allowed people to get creative with their fundraising!

In 2021 the 288 campaign reached around 300,000 people in Denmark, raising awareness about MS. Not only did the 288 campaign shine a spotlight on MS in Denmark, but it also raised awareness of the global prevalence of MS.

Feeling inspired? Find out more about the campaign in this fantastic presentation from Mogens Damgaard, Head of Fundraising and Partnerships at Scleroseforeningen. The video is also available to watch in Arabic and Spanish.

The Atlas of MS can be a powerful tool for change. It raises awareness of the lack of adequate resources available to diagnose, inform, treat, rehabilitate and support people with MS worldwide. The Atlas of MS provides evidence for you to lobby decision makers, raise awareness about the prevelance of MS, and much more this World MS Day. Explore the Atlas website to find information about the epidemiology of MS in your country and around the world: https://www.atlasofms.org

Are you planning a fundraising, awareness raising or advocacy campaign for World MS Day 2022? We would love to celebrate your World MS Day plans. Get in touch at [email protected].

Looking for more inspiration for your World MS Day 2022 activities, why not take a look at our 2021 highlights or see what’s going on across the globe on the World MS Day map?

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