15th May 2020

Chiara’s story

2020 MS Connections

Chiara from Italy shares her MS Connections story. Find out how Chiara stays connected.

Lost for words

I felt alone when I was unable to explain the invisible symptoms of MS to my friends and family. It was very frustrating for me. It almost felt like I was speaking a language that no one else could understand.

More than once, I was unable to explain the symptom of fatigue. I could not convey how difficult it was for me to live with this thing, that sometimes, the thought of getting up and walking literally seemed impossible.

My support network

I feel connected when I’m with my friends and they don’t let MS become the protagonist of our relationship. My friends are the family I chose. They have supported me and never once changed their attitude towards me. To them I am me, not my disease.

Life to the full

I make sure that I still go out and have fun – that’s how it should be. I feel lucky to have people beside me who didn’t stop inviting me on nights out. They don’t see my MS as a limitation, on the contrary. We’ve gone paintballing together and enjoyed other crazy activities.

Thank you Chiara for sharing your story. We are grateful to the Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla (Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association) for putting us in touch with Chiara.

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