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Your #LifewithMS Tips

People around the world are sharing their tips on #LifewithMS for World MS Day.

Take a look below at seven of the tips shared so far. Don’t forget to share your tip using the #LifewithMS hashtag!

Saudi tip notebook and pen 5

“I carry a notebook and pen, so if I have speech difficulties or lose my voice from fatigue, I can communicate in writing.” View on Twitter  

Saudi tip - Writing with mobile 3

“When my fingers are heavy and cramp, I write using my mobile, because pressing the keys is easier than using a pen”. View on Twitter

“Educate yourself about MS; take active control day to day.” – Astrid, Australia

“Surround yourself with people that will support you as you go through your journey with MS. My support includes: my spouse, who is always there for me; my family, and my friends.” – Marie, MS International Federation

Mel Palmers FB Tip

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