3rd May 2012

Taking to the streets to raise awareness in Japan

2012 Living with MS
To mark World MS Day this year the Japan MS Society (JMSS) will be taking to the streets of Tokyo to raise awareness of MS. The JMSS aim to connect MS professionals, people with MS and the public together in this public event. Last year the JMSS successfully held a similar activity for World MS Day (WMSD) 2011 where they reached out to several hundred people in the city.

Raising awareness in Japan
Raising awareness in Japan

WMSD is about raising public awareness of MS. Last year the JMSS co-ordinated research which showed that there are around 13,000 people living with MS in Japan, yet many people had never heard of the disease.

The JMSS have recruited volunteers to help spread MS awareness in downtown Tokyo. George Nakajima the Secretary General of the JMSS informed us that volunteers will target 3000 Japanese people on the 26th May 2012. The JMSS’ goal is to inform the public with pamphlets about MS symptoms in order to improve the numbers of people with MS receiving a diagnosis.

World MS Day is an opportunity for people living with MS to connect with others to raise awareness of the disease that they have in common. Together we can have a stronger voice to raise MS awareness and improve the lives of people with MS around the world.

We wish Japan good luck with their campaign and will update you with news and photographs after their event.

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