31st May 2019

World MS Day Fundraising

2012 Living with MS

Since 2009, you have helped us bring the world together for people with MS.

Help us end MS across the globe by fundraising through World MS Day. Check out the new fundraising page and find out how you can be among some of our first World MS Day fundraisers:  https://www.againstms.org/how-to/world-ms-day 

Noelle Anne Bradley was a fiercely loyal wife, exceptional role model, mother and grandmother. Being a global family with ties across the world, her family wanted to honour Noelle with a global fundraiser:

Kirsty, one of our World MS Day fundraisers, has been raising money in memory of her mum.  

“My Mum was diagnosed 20 years ago, at the same time as brain cancer. She was a stubborn, incredibly strong woman and fought like hell.”

 Kirsty has raised almost £3,000  so far. 

You can support Kirsty’s World MS Day fundraiser in honour of her amazing Mum here: https://www.facebook.com/donate/2234385209941076/

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