Teresina’s story – access to buildings in Italy

Teresina, a woman with MS, at home in northern Italy
Teresina at home in Borgoricco

Teresina lives in Borgoricco in northern Italy. In 2001 she was living in a flat that was slowly becoming less suitable for her. At first she could climb the two steps in her doorway using the door handle and her walking stick, but it was difficult. One year later, she was using an electric wheelchair and no longer able to get into her own house.

According to the architect and the building contractor there were no architectural barriers to entering the building. Teresina had to speak with the municipal surveyor and wrote to the municipality. Thanks to her action, the building contractor had to fix the two steps at the entrance so that Teresina could get in and out easily.

This seemingly small change has had a huge impact on Teresina. She told us: “The changes in the building had brought benefits to my family. My sister and my brother-in-law are both happy to see me living alone and I’m independent. My self-sufficiency relieves my sister and her family of the pressure to assist me. “