22nd June 2012

Spanish MS associates unite for World MS Day

2012 Living with MS
Several Spanish multiple sclerosis associations including AEDEM-COCEMFE celebrated World MS Day (WMSD) 2012 together. MS associates joined hands on 30 May to create human chains across Spain. MS supporters gathered at 12pm in Spanish cities nationwide to join hands.

The event slogan was ‘Join in for multiple sclerosis research’. The human chain reached a distance of over 12 kilometres and more than 24,000 people joined the chain virtually on the AEDEM-COCEMFE website.

World MS Day 2012
Human Cordon

Many activities took place on the day. Balloons were released to raise awareness and commemorate the day and MS advocates came together to read a new manifesto advocating for a better quality of life for people with MS. Donations were also collected for MS research.

World MS Day 2012
Human Cordon in Spain (World MS Day 2012)

The event gave new people a chance to learn about MS. AEDEM-COCEMFE encouraged their members to upload photographs to the World MS Day website. You can read the  postcards from Spain on the World MS Day Map here.

World MS Day 2012
World MS Day 2012 - Spain

The WMSD 2012 event received lots of media attention in Spain. Reporters from the first Spanish national newspaper EL Pais attended the event. WMSD received major television coverage on Tele 5 who filmed the event and interviewed people. SER and RNE radio stations also help to raise MS awareness around the world.

World MS Day 2012
World MS Day 2012

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