22nd May 2020

Self-care tips and tricks

2020-2023 MS Connections

MS Australia launches the Connections Hub

MS Australia is putting self-care and wellbeing with MS in the spotlight this World MS Day. On Monday they launched a new interactive platform dedicated to your self-care tips for managing MS. The Connections hub has been designed in true World MS Day style, using the imagery from the MS Connections toolkit.

The hub is already filling up with great ideas on living well with MS! Here are some recent gems:

‘Surround yourself with people who lift you up’


‘Don’t be hard on yourself for not completing tasks’


‘Breathe and absorb the beauty of nature’


‘Keep moving! Exercise for a healthy mind and body’


Legendary comedian Tim Ferguson says his self-care mantra for living with MS is:

‘MS can’t beat your sense of humour’

Watch this video to learn more about the hub from Tim.

MS Australia hopes that the hub will make connections across the global MS community. All self-care entries from across the world are welcome! Use the tool to search for topics, get inspired and share your wellbeing wisdom. Click this here to share your self-care tip today!

Special thanks to MS Australia for sharing their World MS Day activities with us.

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