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Riding Down Under for World MS Day

Kirsten Alderson is a fundraising development co-ordinator of the MS Society of South Australia & Northern Territory of Australia. Along with her husband and son they have been actively raising awareness of multiple sclerosis (MS). From the beginning of May, Kristen and her family have taken a local evening bike ride. This MS bike campaign will end World MS Day (WMSD). Kristen told us;

“The aim for us is to ride every day for the month of May – rain or shine. It’s coming into winter here in Adelaide so temperatures are getting a lot lower than we are used to. My husband and I both work full time so our rides during the week have to be after work…”

We got in contact with Kirsten through Twitter. Kirsten has been Tweeting photographs of her MS bike campaign online. The MS Society of SA & NT is part of MS Australia. MS Australia provides advice, support and tool for individuals who want to raise awareness in there region. Kristen said,

“The reason we chose to ride is simply to raise awareness about MS. Riding in the cold, as we have said many times before is nothing compared to what people have to go through living with MS.”

MS Australia is facilitating lots of interesting events to raise MS awareness including;

• RED PARTY in Hobart (26 May)
• KISS GOODBYE TO MS DINNER in Cronulla (29 May)

This week’s WMSD riddle asks everyone to ‘Look Deeper’ at the symptoms of MS. Through raising awareness about MS the quality of life of people with MS can be improved worldwide.

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