3rd May 2012

May=MS month in Denmark

2012 Living with MS
May is the most important month of the year for the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society (DMSS). For the past three years they have used the month to raise awareness of MS in the run up to World MS Day (WMSD).This year the DMSShave placed 10,000 fundraising cans in 7,000 retail locations to raise awareness of their work, of MS and to collect much needed donations.

Making change count in Denmark
Making change count in Denmark

Raising money is crucial for developing medical and social research. The DMSS use the latest research findings to raise public awareness of MS.

“In Denmark we just received some new statistics from our register – showing that more young people are being diagnosed – and we want to use these numbers to reach out to the public…”
Peter Christensen, Head of communications, DMSS.

Through their campaign the DMSS hope to reach 500,000 members of the public. The money raised through this campaign will contribute to the work that the society undertakes on behalf of their 65,000 beneficiaries and members throughout the year.

The society will also be joining in with the global campaign online by sharing our weekly videos, and promoting the campaign through social media and their website.

If you’re in Denmark don’t forget to reach for your change and drop some into one of the donation boxes available nationwide! You can stay up-to-date with the new WMSD 2012 top-secret campaign by signing up to receive our weekly newsletter throughout the month of May.

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