30th November 2012

MS organisations join the Global Disability Movement

2012 Living with MS

Marching for the rights of persons with disabilities in Madrid, Spain

EME join the Disability movement to mark the International Day for Persons with Disabilities

Marching for the rights of people with Disabilities in Spain, EME takes part in the SOS Disability Deomonstration in Madrid on the 2nd December 2012.

Yesterday more than 90 thousand disability activists took to the streets of Madrid to demonstrate against the ever reducing rights of disabled persons in Spain.


Exacerbated by the financial crisis and policy decisions in many strategic areas, people with MS and other disabling conditions feel that their rights to inclusion and accessability are being negatively affected.


The disability movement  in Spain came together to produce an advocacy strategy that seeks to create a stronger voice for people with disablities and to lobby for the inclusion of people with disabilities in key policies and  goverment decisions. The project, SOS Disability, was launched to mark the International Day of Persons with Disablities with a protest march that started at the corner of Calle de Goya Príncipe de Vergara, and ended in the Discovery Gardens. Amongst the crowds were people with disabilities, their families, friends, volunteers, professionals and public supporters of the

An EME advocate marches holding a World MS Day 2012 poster, “Multiple Sclerosis is not Invisible. Neither are the people who have it”.



Sandra Fernández Villota, Communications Manager at EME Spain said,

Joining forces and energy with other organisations for people with disabilities is so important. It makes us stronger and gives us a common voice and message in advocacy. We are working together to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in wider society and increasing public awareness of the barriers that we face in achieving this goal.


By coming together we are more visible, we show our strength and we can’t be ignored. Joint actions are an important steps towards the empowerment of the collective at all levels.


Find out more about the event here or on the EME website.

A congress for Russian patients in Moscow

The All-Russian MS Society has worked closely with the All-Russian Patient’s Union to organise a two-day Congress to mark the International Day for Persons with Disabilities in Russia.

The Congress will take place on 5-6 December, 2012 in the Holiday Inn Moscow Sokolniki Hotel, Russia.
The All-Russian Patients Union speaks for the interests of over 10 million Russians. They represent patients, many of whom have disabilities, their families and friends, health professionals, policy makers and politicians in 80 regions of the Russian Federation. The union advocates for the rights of patients at the Russian State Parliament (Duma), Federation Council, Public Chamber, Ministry of Health and Social Development, and the Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development.
This Congress aims to create dialogue between patients, health professionals and policy makers in order to improve the quality of life of patients, people with disabilities and their families and friends.
Visit the All-Russian MS society’s website for more information.


SPEM’s 9th National Congress will take place in Lisbon this week

SPEM is organizing it’s IX National Congress this week to mark the National Day for the MS Person (4th December) and the International Day for Persons with Disabilities (3rd December).

The event will take place on the 8th December at the University of Lisbon.


Manuela Duarte Neves, SPEM’s vice-president said,


“…living with MS in Portugal is a growing challenge. There are more attempts to go back on promises made to people with MS. We were promised access to adequate treatment, yet several public hospitals are falling short of this promise.”


The Congress will focus on three major themes: access to healthcare services, the future of MS therapies and sexuality and pregnancy in MS. The opening speech will be given by the President of the Portuguese Medical Council and Association, José Manuel Silva.


Special guest, former Minister of Health Ana Jorge, will speak to the audience about access to healthcare services. Whilst the other themes will be covered by three leading neurologists, a physiatrist and an obstetrician, with personal stories and experiences from people with MS.


Entry to the event is free but by registration. If you would like to attend please contact SPEM at [email protected]

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