22nd May 2012

Look Deeper: Signs of MS

2012 Living with MS
World MS Day (WMSD) 2012 is only one week away! To mark this we are releasing our third riddle entitled ‘Look Deeper’. We need everyone to share the riddle as widely as possible outside of their MS circle, with friends, family and colleagues, to ensure that as many people as possible become aware of the unique challenges of MS.

The riddle highlights that people with MS have varying symptoms. We want as many people as possible to know that MS comes in many different forms, that there is no exact set of symptoms that everyone experiences and that each person’s MS is different.

Many of the postcards uploaded to our ‘1000 faces of MS‘ wall recount these experiences. George Pepper says that, “the onset was all very sudden for me. After ruling out meningitis, the fear was then a brain tumour which led to an MRI scan.”

Max Lewis says that,

“in late 2005 when out at a restaurant, I went completely blind and people thought I was drunk. But I wasn’t, I don’t drink. Then, in 2006, after I fell out of bed, I got the shocking news that I had MS.”

“I was diagnosed with MS in September 2005. Prior to that I had many symptoms however no one put it all together,” says Mary Schneider.

“I was diagnosed with MS on October 27, 2010,” says Lee Domenico. “It was a bittersweet day for myself and my family. We finally had answer as to what was wrong with me for the past 10 years. No, I really didn’t want to have MS, but in the same breath, I also didn’t want to continue life thinking I was crazy,”

We still want to hear from those of you who have not yet told us what living with MS means to you to become one of the “1000 faces of MS” and tell the world your story.

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