9th August 2012

Kissing Goodbye to MS – WMSD Australia

2012 Living with MS

In Australia World MS Day was a resounding success, with hundreds of people taking part in activities across the whole country. MS Australia and MS Research Australia all held events during the month of May and on the day itself. The “Kiss Goodbye to MS” campaign, which is in its third year, encouraged supporters to wear bright red lipstick, wear red clothes, dye their hair red or wear badges and stickers. Events were varied, from meeting the Australian Women’s Basketball team at Parliament house on their way to the Olympics, cupcake stalls, selling merchandise and charity dinners such as that held by the Green Bean society, who got into the theme in a big way with a Kissing booth and helped to raise over $10,000 on the night. The campaign was launched on the 1st May and encouraged supporters to “Wear. Dare. Share”. More details can be found at their website www.kissgoodbyetoms.org

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