5th June 2019

My Invisible MS story

2019 My Invisible MS

People across the world have been sharing their ‘My Invisible MS’ stories. Watch these personal interviews to get a deeper insight into the unseen impact of MS.

Out of all the invisible symptoms of MS, fatigue is the one that Daan from the Netherlands dislikes the most. Watch Daan’s story to find out more.

This video was created in collaboration with Stichting MS Research.


In this video Giulia from Canada shares her experience of living with invisible symptoms like numbness, vertigo and sight issues.

This video was created in collaboration with the MS Society of Canada.


‘The mist is inside my head and I can’t think straight’.

There are good days and not-so-good days with MS. In this video, Isabelle from Luxembourg tells us about some of the challenges of brain fog.

This video was created in collaboration with Multiple Sclérose Lëtzebuerg


‘You can walk – why are you using the wheelchair?’

Smitha is a disability rights activist from India. In this video Smitha talks about her mobility issues and misconceptions around wheelchair users.

This video was created in collaboration with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India.


Cari from Argentina has had MS for 22 years. She experienced many symptoms including mobility issues and speech problems. In this video Cari talks about how she stays positive and makes the most of everyday.

This video was created in collaboration with Asociación de Lucha Contra la Esclerosis Múltiple

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