3rd August 2012

Interactive Websites raise WMSD awareness in Belgium

2012 Living with MS
Two new websites were launched by the Belgian MS Societies this year, with the aim of increasing awareness of MS amongst children and young adults. The first, which contains information on MS as well as news on activities and events, has been designed as a tool for young people to use themselves. They can upload their photos and videos, and talk to other young people with MS about the issues that affect them. The website, which was launched on the 30th May can be found here www.msjongeren.be . The second website, aimed at children with MS and those with a parent with MS, is specially designed for children aged seven and up, featuring cartoon mascots, and will be informative, entertaining and attractive to give a better understanding of the disease and its consequences. It can be found here www.sep-pas-sorcier.be

Also in Belgium, a woman with MS became an Olympic torchbearer this year. Katrien de Pillecyn, who is one of 8 people with MS who will also scale Macha Picchu later this year, carried the torch on part of its journey across the UK on the 15th June. The first “Walk for MS day” was held on the 9th of June with an estimated 700 – 1000 people present.

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