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Events for World MS Day

Around the world, events have already been taking place for World MS Day! Here are a few highlights so far.

MS Carnation Campaign – Canada

From 11-13 May, the MS Society of Canada mobilised people across the nation to support the MS Carnation Campaign for Mother’s Day.

Chapters of the MS Society in Montreal, Quebec, Saguenay, and many more hosted a variety of fundraising and awareness-raising events, with thousands of people buying bouquets of special carnations to help fund MS research.


Theatre for MS – Egypt

Throughout April, the MS Care Society Egypt raised awareness of the stigma surrounding MS and other conditions by organising theatrical performances featuring people with MS. 

The performances helped to empower those living with MS, as well as educating members of the public about issues related to MS and neurological conditions.

Book Launch: “Endless story of MS” – Slovakia

From 11-12 May, the MS Society of Slovakia organised a special event to mark the launch of “Endless story with MS”, a book filled with the personal stories of people with MS. 

More than 240 participants from all over the country enjoyed workshops and discussions, under the patronage of the Ministry of Health and one of Slovakia’s top neurology experts.

Throughout May, the Society will hold a variety of talks for World MS Day, bringing together the public and people affected by MS.

Wellness Seminar – India

On 14 May, the Mumbai Chapter of the MS Society of India (MSSI) organised an educational seminar on methods for managing MS, led by renowned medical & health practitioners in Mumbai.

The diverse programme included a talk on “Wellness in MS”, a yoga class, and a brain games session.


Solidarity Fundraising Walk – Portugal

On 30 April, people took to the streets of Peso da Régua, Portugal, for a solidarity fundraising walk in honour of World MS Day.

The event was organised by the Portugal MS Society (SPEM) Viseu delegation, in partnership with Godim Sports Association.

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