8th May 2012

All-Russian Multiple Sclerosis Society launches national television campaign

2012 Living with MS
A national Russian television station (Perviy – First) will spread awareness about multiple sclerosis (MS) throughout the Russian region on May 25th. The ‘Health’ programme will provide viewers with an understanding of MS and its symptoms. This is an opportunity to reach millions of viewers before World MS Day (WMSD) 2012, including many who may know nothing at all about MS or the situation of those living with the condition in Russia.

Currently, there are more than 150,000 MS patients in Russia, of whom no less than 75% are already disabled. The All-Russian Multiple Sclerosis Society (ARMSS) will hold working meetings on WMSD. Government figures and business leaders will discuss this year’s WMSD 2012 theme ‘Living with MS’. People living with MS will have the opportunity to meet with medical professionals and specialists at events held all over the region.

The ARMSS campaign will connect different sections of the Russian public on this momentous occasion to celebrate WMSD 2012. Dialogue between people living with MS and medical professionals is vital because currently there is no known cure or cause for MS. WMSD 2012 will help people in Russia to support and understand people living with MS.

Besides these activities, ARMSS is also taking people living with MS on outings to scenic and cultural attractions in Russia, such as to the beautiful location shown in the photograph above.

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