27th June 2016

World MS Day Highlights 2016

Year Highlights 2016 Independence
So many great things happened this World MS day! Our Facebook Album keeps growing with pictures of the fantastic events held across the globe on World MS Day. Choosing highlights from the day is always a difficult task, but every year we find events that made us particularly proud. These are some of them!


This year we were delighted to see the MS Patients Society – Aden in Yemen resuming their World MS Day participation after a gap in 2015 due to the ongoing civil war. Despite the adverse circumstances, the organisation was able to set up a informative stall with food, organise a symposium with doctors and people with MS and a ran workshop with medical students. They have our admiration!
MS Conference in Yemen


This year, Russia’s inclusive Ball won our hearts by showing that MS can’t stop some people enjoying one of the greatest pleasures in life: dancing. As Pavel Zoblin, Vice-President of the Russian MS Society says, too often we only focus on employment and training when talking about inclusivity and forget that “more aspects of the everyday life need be inclusive to the majority of people“.


First-timers are always featured in our World MS Day’s highlights! In Kosovo, for instance, a group of 10 people with MS gathered together to share experiences and to talk about the availability of treatment in their country. This is how big things start! 


In Egypt, MS Care wanted to make a direct impact on the lives of people attending their events. They held a big meeting for patients and caregivers, and worked with disability organisations to give practical advice on employment and MS.  They also reached out to doctors, health care providers  as well as the general public by lighting up the Faculty of Medicine in Cairo.
faculty of Medicine lit up


Of course, the best thing every World MS Day is to see the response from all of you on social media! We have seen so many people downloading our sharables and posters, using our hashtags or engaging with us on social media- the Twitter campaign messages reached over 24 million people in English alone!
So, thank you all for helping to make a noise and showing that we’re stronger than MS!
Ready for World MS Day 2017?
Screenshot Tagboard on World MS Day

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