MS doesn’t stop me seeing the beauty in life

Abdelmaseeh, 41, Egypt

When a person is diagnosed with MS, they can feel like their life has stopped. But MS has not stopped me. In fact, it has helped me to help other people. When I help people it makes me feel like someone needs me and, if I disappeared for a while, they would look for me and feel they were missing something.

I help people by going to buy medicines for them, visiting them and talking to them about MS to try and give them hope in life. I take part in their social events, like birthday parties and weddings, which helps them to feel they are important and know that someone cares about them. All this makes me feel that MS has not affected my spirit.

We are examples of how people are living with MS. We are people on crutches, people in wheelchairs and we’re all living and working. Look at how beautiful life is. The world doesn’t end because we have MS. We show people how they can continue to live with MS.

Even though MS has made me use two canes when I walk, it has not killed the love inside me for life and for people, and it has not made me give up.

MS doesn’t stop me seeing the beauty in life.