15th March 2016

MS doesn’t stop me staying active

Sonja, 29, UK

MS was a very sudden and out of the blue diagnosis for me. I was urgently hospitalised October 2013 with suspected stroke. Since hospitalisation, I have been left with left-sided weakness and a number of ‘invisible’ symptoms. However, I work very hard in order to increase and maintain strength and functionality.

I work as a locum Paediatric Audiologist, which I try to do on a part time basis so that I can spend my free time kayaking, volunteering, and gaining new skills and experiences.

Kayaking has been massively important to me; it has not only helped my physical rehabilitation, it has aided my mental wellbeing by being outside with nature and making new friends. It has also been a means of goal setting, to give my life focus. Without kayaking, I am not sure my body would be as strong as it is now.

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