24th May 2021

MS Connections stories

2020-2023 MS Connections

How would you describe life with MS? What are your biggest challenges and who are you thankful for? Answers from people with MS in Tunisia, Macedonia, Colombia and beyond.

‘That doesn’t prevent me from going on and doing my best.’

Rania was diagnosed with MS in Tunisia 11 years ago. MS symptoms sometimes interrupt quality time with her daughters but that hasn’t stopped Rania living life to the full. Thank you for sharing your strength and happiness with us Rania!

We are grateful to the Association Tunisienne des Malades de la Sclérose en Plaque (ATSEP) for putting us in touch with Rania.

‘When one person in the family has MS, then the whole family lives with MS’.

Aleksandar knows the impact MS can have on family life, he and his Mum both live with MS in Macedonia. They have battled through with the strength and support of their family. Shout out to all the families supporting loved ones with MS across the world!

A big thank you to the Национално здружение за МС (the National Association for MS in Macedonia) for putting us in touch with Aleksandar.

‘Life goes on, it doesn’t stop and MS won’t stop me.’

María Teresa from Colombia shares her biggest challenges and tips for life with MS. Don’t miss these words to live by! We love this beautiful advice on staying balanced, connected and hopeful.

Gracias a la Asociación para la Lucha contra la Esclerosis Múltiple for connecting us to María Teresa.

‘That helps me manage the uncertainty that I have.’

Meet David, an MS Researcher who lives with MS. Watch this interview to find out why David is staying positive, despite living with unpredictable symptoms.

Thank you David and MS Research Australia for all your incredible MS research.

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