Updates from around the world about what’s happening this World MS Day.

8th May 2013

Diogo is one of six inspiring young people who have shared their mottos to inspire others as part of the…

Diogo looks forward to a future as a designer and illustrator
7th May 2013

Anna from Russia shares some photos from a day in her life

2nd May 2013

Mottos for identity

1st May 2013

Six young people will share their mottos for identity, relationships and the future

What's your motto? Join the WMSD 2013 campaign from May 8th.
26th April 2013

Praneel from India shared a day in his life with us

26th April 2013

As they say a picture says a thousand words. We asked Brenda to share a day in her life through…

Brenda's motto for relationships
25th April 2013

George Pepper and Freddie Yauner spoke of their enthusiasm for the 2013 World MS Day Campaign at the MSIF Board…

Freddie shares his motto with MSIF- Luck favours the prepared mind
24th April 2013


10th April 2013

I find MS a blessing as everything in life has a reason and there is a reason that MS entered…

Alla Al Saffy
5th April 2013

AMSEL will celebrate World MS Day with a gigantic brain at the main train station in Stuttgart, Germany. They will…

5th April 2013

Looks like the Danish MS Society will be really busy for the next few months! They have so much planned…

5th April 2013

Cyprus MS Association has a lot planned for the upcoming months. Their awareness raising events will kick off with a…

22nd March 2013

The Latvian Multiple Sclerosis Association will be holding an information event on World MS Day this year. As part of…

18th March 2013

This is your opportunity to change things for people with MS in your country. On 23 September 2013 the United…

15th March 2013

Texas band Mudd Farm’s latest album has just been released. Frontman Chris Cox, who was diagnosed with MS in 2006,…

4th March 2013

Becoming part of the global movement Every year we here at World MS Day HQ (MSIF offices in London) get…

What's your motto? Join the WMSD 2013 campaign from May 8th.
22nd August 2012

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is usually diagnosed between the ages of 25 and 31, a time when we are starting our…