2nd May 2013

Mottos for identity

2013 Young people


Anna was diagnosed with MS when she was eight. Coming terms with her diagnosis took some time, but Anna managed to get her confidence back:

“Now I am confident that I am in no way worse than anybody else. I am sure I will achieve all I want in life! I know I am strong enough for this. I know there are people around who will come to help if I fall.”

Anna’s motto for identity is:

Anna's motto for identity
Anna’s motto for identity



Diogo looks forward to a future as a designer and illustrator
Diogo looks forward to a future as a designer and illustrator

Diogo was diagnosed with MS at age 19. He believes getting on with life after being diagnosed is all about having a positive attitude.

I cope the best way I can find possible. I make my days worthwhile. It is necessary to know how to live and do everything that makes us happy. It is very important to live with principles, planning and discipline; but above all to live. I am learning to LIVE with those three concepts.

Diogo’s motto for identity is:

Diogo's motto for identity
Diogo’s motto for identity


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