A day to celebrate global solidarity and hope for the future

World MS Day takes place on 30 May every year. Share stories, raise awareness and campaign with everyone affected by MS.

MS Connections campaign

The 2020-2023 World MS Day theme is ‘connections’. MS Connections is all about building community connection, self-connection and connections to quality care. We are challenging social barriers that leave people affected by MS feeling lonely and socially isolated. Together, we advocate for better services, celebrate support networks and champion self-care. Change the future, find your #MSConnections.

I Connect, We Connect

Stand with us in solidarity

This animation shows the power of the global MS community in action, taking inspiration from real World MS Day events. Join us as we get ready for World MS Day 2024. Get creative, raise awareness and fight for change.


Our global community, sharing stories and raising awareness for everyone affected by MS.

19th August 2022

2022 was the third year of the MS Connections campaign and the biggest one to date. World MS Day was…

16th May 2022

This World MS Day we are raising awareness of MS and championing support networks. We asked people with MS to…

1st May 2022

We’ve celebrated some incredible World MS Day themes across the years. Here is a look back at our campaign history.  …

World MS Day is coordinated by the MS International Federation and its members

Each campaign is developed by the MS International Federation and a global working group with representatives from the United States, Greece, Argentina, Australia, India, Kenya, Tunisia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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