A day of global solidarity, collective action and hope

World MS Day takes place on 30 May every year. Share stories, raise awareness and campaign with everyone affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

My MS Diagnosis Campaign

The My MS Diagnosis campaign advocates for early and accurate diagnosis for everyone living with MS. It highlights the global barriers to diagnosing MS, raising awareness by sharing real stories and data. We are calling for better MS training for healthcare professionals, new research, and clinical advancements in MS diagnosis. Together we are building informed, caring communities and systems that support people diagnosed with MS.

The My MS Diagnosis Animation

Every five minutes someone, somewhere in the world is diagnosed with MS. This animation is about navigating an MS diagnosis. It explores the challenges people face in search of answers and why the right diagnosis matters so much. The animation features the real voices of people living with MS across the globe. Listen to Jonathan, Rayan, Leonardo, Kanya and Jessica share their diagnosis stories.


Our global community, sharing stories and raising awareness for everyone affected by MS.

17th May 2024

Multiple Sclerosis South Africa (MSSA) is delivering vital MS training for doctors as part of the My MS Diagnosis campaign.…

15th May 2024

When Laura was diagnosed with MS she felt like the life she wanted were out of reach. It took time…

8th May 2024

This World MS day we are raising awareness and building solidarity by sharing real experiences MS diagnosis across the globe.…

World MS Day is coordinated by the MS International Federation and its members

Each campaign is developed by the MS International Federation and a global working group with representatives from the United States, Greece, Argentina, Australia, India, Kenya, Tunisia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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