24th May 2011

World MS Day events in Mexico

2011 Employment
World MS Day events began in Mexico on 7 May and will run until 17 July.

Conferences and symposiums are being held in four cities;

On the day itself, radio and television programmes  are being broadcast in two regions and a job fair for those with disabilities being organised in Jalisco, Guadalajara.

From 20-21 May, the Presidents of 17 of EMMEX’s regional societies gathered in Saltillo, Coahuila, at the Society’s spring meeting, the theme of which was Work and MS.  CEO, Vincente Ramos; MSIF Evelyn Nicholson Award winner Ana Silvia Barajas; the Saltillo Society President Ana Cristina Cortés, and Dr Héctor Garcia Caballero, formed the panel for a press conference on World MS Day and a campaign for children with MS to be covered by Mexico’s social security system.

On World MS Day a national press conference will take place at the World Trade Center Complex in the Ciudad de México. Vincente Ramos, Ana Silvia Barajas and the President of the Mexican MS Asociation, María de Lourdes Ituarte, will raise awareness of the Day within the media, highlight the role played by MS societies and launch ‘Naranja Dulce’, a children’s book. Neurologists will participate in the medical part of the programme.

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