25th May 2011

World MS Day Celebrations in Egypt

2011 Employment
On 20 May the Egyptian MS Care Society celebrated World MS Day (WMSD) and the Society’s first MS Day.

Some 200 people with MS, their families, friends, volunteers and, in keeping with the WMSD theme of work, employers attended a full day of activities at the Canadian International College in Cairo. The day began with a series of inspiring MS films followed by lectures on new treatments including a talk on CCSVI. Participants had the opportunity to speak to Dream TV about how MS affects their lives; the role and importance of support groups like MS Care, the role of the government and the problems facing them regarding employment. The programme was aired on 24 May.

During the day, Mai Sharawy, MS Care Board Member, held a teleconference with the Minister of Administrative Development during which she outlined the difficulties facing people with MS in finding and keeping paid employment.

The day was a great success and helped to build stronger links between the people with MS and the medical community.

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