16th July 2014

World MS Day across France

2014 Access
The Foundation for Research in MS (ARSEP) celebrated World MS Day on Mother’s Day in France (May 25). They ran a fund-raising campaign linked with florists. This was particularly appropriate as MS affects women more than men. They also released a video showing people promoting their blue ribbon campaign.

In keeping with the theme of access the association Les Mousquetaires in Annoeulin arranged for teenagers from a local youth club to spend the day experiencing life in a wheelchair.

La Ligue Française contre la Sclérose en Plaques worked with Biogen on the ‘House of MS’ project which took place across France. ‘La Maison de SEP’ was an open day giving people with MS, carers and families the opportunity to speak to health care professionals and patient organisations. The league also released a video which shows Marc Kopp (who has MS) in his amazing adventure to parachute on Mount Everest.

Adults students in the AFPA (formation professionnelle pour adultes) held a conference and debate at their college followed by a bake-sale, a tombola, a bring-and-buy sale  and Zumba and Jazz performances to raise awareness and funds.

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