19th April 2010

World MS Day 2010 Update

2010 Employment
From Argentina to China and Belgium to South Africa, the whole world is getting ready to mark the second international day for MS. World MS day is an opportunity for organisations working with people affected by MS to unite in a global movement for positive change. This year national, regional and local organisations are working hard to ensure that their events are innovative and as far-reaching as possible.

The theme for 2010 is Employment and MS with societies choosing to mark the event in a number of creative ways. In Morocco organisers are planning seminars on MS and work and complimentary surgeries for people with MS will also be held. In Poland a press conference to launch the findings of an MSIF study into the economic impact of MS will encourage media outlets to focus on the importance of employment for people living with MS and their carers. Romanian organisers will aim to put MS and disability on the parliamentary agenda by raising awareness amongst more than four hundred parliamentarians.

To find out how World MS Day will be celebrated in your country; contact your local MS society. To find their contact details visit www.worldmsday.org/global-map

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