4th May 2010

With activities confirmed in 39 countries so far, plans to mark World MS Day 2010 are shaping up.

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This week all eyes are on Germany, as an agreement with McDonalds, Burger King, 70 universities and a chain of shops selling electrical goods will see the World MS Day film being shown on more than 6,000 screens in almost 1,500locations across the country. This is a huge step forward in raising awareness of MS amongst the general public in Germany.

Raising awareness of MS is one of the key objectives of World MS Day and MS societies across the world have come up with innovative ideas to generate public interest. Australians will be wearing red lipstick and encouraging their friends, family and government to “Kiss goodbye to MS”, in Chile volunteers will be handing out green apples to passers by (the apple is a symbol of the Chilean MS Society) and Romanian parliamentarians will be encouraged to join the movement in an educational session targeting MPs and public sector employees.
To find out how World MS Day will be celebrated in your country, contact your local MS society.

To find their contact details visit: http://www.msif.org/en/

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