Sharing stories for the World MS Day animation

Everyone’s diagnosis story is different, and we want to hear yours. Follow this guide to send an audio recording about your MS diagnosis for the next World MS Day campaign.

Your recording may be used in a new animation about what it’s like to navigate an MS diagnosis. The animation will combine real stories from different parts of the world, and highlight the importance of good diagnostic care and support. 

Complete the form below to submit your story.

Terms and conditions

  • MSIF cannot guarantee that the recording you send to us will be featured in the final animation.
  • MSIF cannot guarantee to feature one person from each organisation; we will try to ensure there is a fair balance across different regions.
  • If your recording is not featured in the final animation, remember it can be shared through your own channels and by your MS organisation during the World MS Day campaign period.
  • Please make sure any submission is accompanied by a consent form from the contributor.