Recording yourself for the global MS choir

Guidance and submission form

Follow these steps to record your choral part in ‘Stand By Me’ (audio recording only)

1. All you need is one set of headphones and two devices – all devices welcome including phones, laptops, desktops, tablets.

  • Device one will play the track with your singing part. Connect the headphones into this device, to hear the track whilst you are singing.
  • Device two will record your singing. You can use the in-built voice note or voice recording tool within most phones. Make sure this device is lying flat on a surface. Keep the microphone at least 10-20cm away from your mouth and record somewhere quiet with no background noise.

2. When you’re ready, press ‘record’ on device two and hit ‘play’ on device one to hear the track. Follow the instructions at the beginning of the recording and clap – or say clap- after James says counts to 4. This will help the person editing make sure all of the different recordings synchronise together. As soon as your part comes in, sing along in time with the singer.

3. Once you’ve finished recording your part, please upload the audio file using the form below.

If you are recording an extra lead vocal or instrumental video (optional)

If you would like to record a lead or instrumental part as well as a choral track, If you would like to record a lead or instrumental part as well as a choral track, please send us an additional recording. The lead and instrumental parts must be submitted as videos. Use device one to listen to the demo, on device two record a video of you singing or playing your instrument. Please record your video in landscape mode against a plain background if possible. As before, don’t forget to clap!

Share your recordings by 16:00 BST London time on Monday 01 May

Dates for your diary

  • Recording deadline: Monday 01 May 16:00 (BST) 
  • Final Rehearsal and performance recording: Thursday 11 May 13:00-14:00 (BST) 
  • Broadcast of choir performance: World MS Day 30 May! 

Please email [email protected] with any questions.