Round table discussion & web broadcast “The day we battle MS’

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For more than 2,000 people in Russia MS means everyday battlefield. Thanks to the disease-modifying treatments, this battle must not necessarily result in defeat. To be stronger than MS, it is imperative that people with MS not just have their patient rights secured and protected, but are fully integrated into the society, having the freedom of creativity and self-expression. Quality of life is one of the precious weapons in this battle with MS. The Moscow chapter of the All-Russian MS Society celebrates the world MS day 2018 by bringing together people with and affected by MS, patient organizations, the officials from the ministries of health and social services, medical professionals, Moscow city chamber representatives,etc. to join hearts and minds in winning the battle with MS. To bring closer all those who cannot, for various reasons, join the discussion in Moscow, there will be life web broadcast, available for everyone and anyone who wants to join the discussion. To participate, please follow the link
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