MS Round Table at Romanian Parliament

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Under the auspices of the Romanian Parliament, the Senate of Romania and the Chamber of Deputies, the Multiple Sclerosis Association of Romania has the honor to invite you to the event called Multiple sclerosis, we rethink the treatment perspective, organized on May 30, 2018, 09.00, at Senate of Romania, Avram Iancu Hall, level P1, entry B3. The event is organized as a round table to discuss the issues of the MS patients community, listed in the event theme: Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Efficiency.Invited attendees of this event are the members of the Committee on Public Health of the Romanian Senate, the members of the Health and Family Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, the Minister of Health, the President of the National Health Insurance House, the Minister of Labor and Social Justice, the President of the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices, representatives of health and patient institutions and organizations, other stakeholders.The Event is organized with the partnership of the Association of Multiple Sclerosis in Romania and the Coalition of the Organizations of Patients with Chronic Disorders in Romania - COPAC.Please confirm your participation in the event not later than 21 May 2018, at the following address: [email protected] We confirm the reservation according to the available places on the list.We are looking forward to marking the World SM Day together for the benefit of patients suffering from this incurable disease ... yet.
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