Crafting & delivering of invisible ink awareness-building material

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In EME (Esclerosis Múltiple España), we wanted to represent the invisible symptoms of MS in an original way. Thus, we made use of invisible ink in part of the information included in posters and leaflets that only can be seen with a ultraviolet light torch, as it is shown in this video: By doing so, everybody would understand the fact that there are a lot of symptoms that cannot be seen despite of existing and being felt: they are very real. We have delivered this awareness-building material among our member entities so that it can reach different geographical areas throughout Spain. Additionally, we sent the this material to opinion leaders. We have also been in contact with mass media though press releases and interviews, and we generated social demands, promoting signature collection to obtain the recognition of disability at the time of a neurodegenerative disease diagnosis. Moreover, we are collecting testimonies through the initiative ‘What I do want you to know about my invisible Multiple Sclerosis is…’ on our World MS Day web (
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